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Lice Squad - Head Lice Treatment & Removal

Technical Lice Certification brought to you by Lice Squad.

Lice Squad's providers are all trained and certified in our exclusive TLC System.

Technical Lice Certification ensures that you receive professional, trusted, eco-friendly and experienced products and services.


Our Service and Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to dispel the stigma associated with head lice and to stop the over use and abuse of pesticides on children and our environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way people treat head lice and to meet a universal demand for head lice help by delivering environmentally friendly superior products and services. 

Community Commitment

Lice Squad Canada Promotes healthy families, communities and the environment by only using non-toxic solutions and supporting the Childrens Aid Foundation, giving $1 dollar from every Premium Nit Kit sold.  Franchisees are encouraged to hold, local fundraising initiatives for the deserving organization.  The Children's Aid Foundation is a national organization dedicated to serving Canada's most underprivileged kids and young people.  An astonishing number of children in Canada are at risk and need our help.  Many suffer in poverty, while others have been victims of abuse and neglect.  A staggering 76,000 of them live in foster homes or a residential facility.  The mission of the Chidren's Aid Foundation is to fund programs that give them skills and hope for a promising future, The Children's Aid Foundation works with child welfare agencies and promotes healthy families and communities.

What Our Customers Think...

I am totally impressed by how thorough Lice Squad Canada is in providing families with the most accurate information and tools they need to learn how to properly detect, treat and prevent Lice using safe and non-toxic methods.  Furthermore a thoughful, caring and compassionate manner is consistent in the delivery of their services which will without a doubt bring comfort and relief to families who are in the midst of trying to overcome the stress involved with dealing with lice.  Lice Squad Canada offers a truly reliable and effective lice treatment service.  As both a naturopathic doctor and a mother, I highly recommend Lice Squad Canada.

Christine (Naturopathic Doctor and mother) Feb 2014



$1 dollar from every Premium Nit Kit sold goes directly to the Children's Aid Foundation!

The mission of the Children’s Aid Foundation is to fund programs that give at risk and under privileged children the skills and hope for a promising future, The Children’s Aid Foundation works with child welfare agencies across Canada to provide funding for programs and services in the areas of prevention, education, enrichment, healing and recovery.  

CLICK HERE to read Lice Squad's National Giving Back Program Press Release.



Supporting Healthy Children, Families and Communities.

Lice Squad Franchisee Testimonials